It's all about the experience

We heard you were coming.

We understand that you can drink and dine anywhere. So we strive to make every occasion that brings through those doors, memorable.

made fresh, daily...with love.


When Andi and Molina decided to open Luigi's Italian Cuisine, they were thinking of primarily one Every detail of Luigi's was deliberate and purposeful. The fresh ingredients, locally sourced, and wonderfully prepared; the unique and beautiful pieces of art; the illuminating crystals embedded in the floor; were all selected to make your experience a great one. The result  of decades of family experience preparing traditional and unique Italian dishes, Luigi's Italian Cuisine promises to be a restaurant you'll want to add to your favorites list.

we saved you a seat.


Whether you're looking to entertain a romantic interest, treat the family, or gather with a group of friends, Luigi's Italian Cuisine is DEFINITELY your place.

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